Why Choose Mag Wheels?

Your vehicle is a reflection of who you are as a person. A shoddy looking vehicle that has tons of brake dust coating the rims speaks of a person who is either too lazy to fix a problem, ignorant that a problem may be going on, or just too broke to get something fixed. If you’ve equipped your vehicle with an attractive set of mag wheels, however, your vehicle will speak to your creativity and individuality. Mag wheels can also do a lot to improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Why not see what mag wheels could do to improve your vehicle today?

It’s Not Just About Appearance

Alloy wheels were a common component of cars as early as the 1960′s. Why? Because mag wheels are much lighter than their steel counterparts because they are often made from an aluminum or magnesium alloy. Just because they are lighter, however, doesn’t mean that they aren’t as strong as their steel peers. They are just as strong! In addition, many alloy wheels are able to better conduct the heat that can come off of your wheels from common usage, which lets you continue to enjoy a better appearance because they can naturally resist typical cosmetic issues.

Because mag wheels are much lighter, they offer a vehicle better handling characteristics. Though this isn’t necessarily true if you’ve got some massive 19 inch wheels, when you equip your vehicle with lighter alloy wheels, you’ll get:

  • better fuel economy,
  • better handling, and
  • better 0-60 times.

Beware of cheap copies of mag wheels

The very initial designs of mag wheels were actually discarded for better casted aluminum alloy wheels because magnesium tends to have low ductility. In other words, the wheels themselves could actually deform and become elongated! Though casting methods have greatly improved over the last few decades, some cheap copies of mag wheels don’t always have the same casting methods. This means you can end up with an alloy that hasn’t been properly prepped, leading you down a dangerous path where your wheel becomes less of a circle and more of an oval. This is why you should always look to buy your mag wheels from reputable dealers.

Are Mag Wheels Right For Your Vehicle?

If your vehicle has larger tires, than mag wheels aren’t right for you. In recent studies, vehicles with larger tires actually suffered in fuel economy and acceleration when equipped with alloy wheels instead of steel. If you’ve got a smaller vehicle, however, and you’re currently using steel, then alloy wheels could be a great investment for you. Not only will they give your vehicle a unique look that speaks to your personality, but you’ll also be able to improve your fuel economy and your handling around tight S-curves.